About The Escarosa Beekeepers Association 

The Escarosa Beekeepers Association is an nonprofit Sub-Chapter of the Florida State Beekeepers Association established to help area beekeepers. We are comprised of individuals and families, young and old, who share an interest in beekeeping, pollination, honey production, and other products of the beehive.

Keeping abreast of the latest information on beekeeping, we assist in controlling the spread of honeybee diseases, parasites, pests and potential Africanization. Sharing ideas and improved methods of management, we inform the public as to the value of honey and the importance of honey bees as pollinators, thereby elevating beekeeping to a place of eminence in the Agricultural Industry.

Annual Club Activities:

  1. Educating club members on the art of beekeeping & improving beekeeping skills.

  2. Providing beekeeping demonstrations for schools and other organizations.

  3. Hosting a Honeybee Exhibit at the Annual Pensacola Interstate Fair in the Agriculture Building.

  4. Selling honey we harvest at the Honeybee Exhibit.

  5. Educating the general public on the impending arrival of the Africanized Honeybee to our area. (emphasizing the beekeepers role in their control)

  6. Conducting an Annual Beekeepers Workshop in cooperation with Escambia County Extension Service during the Month of September.
    *All club photos courtesy of member Joe Majan.
  Image courtesy of USDA